Installing the Ultimaker 3 hardware accessories

This article guides you through all the steps necessary to correctly install the hardware accessories that come with the machine. A few items should be installed before powering on the printer for the first time.

Spool holder

The spool holder has an NFC reader to automatically detect which Ultimaker materials are installed on the printer. To benefit from this feature, the spool holder must be connected to the electronics. Installing and connecting the spool holder can be done in a few easy steps:

Installation NFC cable Cable cover

Gently place the printer on its left side. Take the spool holder and insert the top part into the hole in the back panel. Push the spool holder towards the bottom of the printer until it snaps into place.

UM3-Turn-printer.jpg installation_spoolholder.jpg

Glass plate

The glass plate is the print surface of your Ultimaker 3 (Extended).

To install the glass build plate, open up the two build plate clamps at the front. Slide the glass plate onto the build plate until it fits into the clamps at the back. Close the clamps at the front to secure the glass plate.

installation_build_plate_clamps.jpeg installation_glass_plate.jpeg

Caution: Leaving the build plate clamps open may damage your Ultimaker 3 when the build plate is raised.

Power supply

The final step of the installation is connecting the power supply. First, make sure that the switch at the back of the Ultimaker 3 is in the Off position.

  1. Connect your country-specific power cable to the adapter.
  2. Connect the plug to a wall socket.
  3. Connect the other side of the cable to the socket at the back of the Ultimaker 3. Make sure that the flat side of the cable is facing down. Pull back the slider of the connector, insert it into the printer, and let go to secure the cable.


Caution: A mains socket with protective earth/ground terminal must be used. Make sure that the building installation has dedicated means of over-current and short-circuit protection.

All the hardware accessories are now installed. You can turn the Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended on for the first time and proceed with the welcome setup. This includes loading print cores and materials, setting up a network connection, and leveling the build plate.

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