Unboxing the Ultimaker 3

The Ultimaker 3 comes in reusable, durable packaging, specially designed to protect your Ultimaker 3. Follow the steps below properly to unpack your Ultimaker 3, or watch the informative Ultimaker 3 unboxing video:

Start unpacking

Take the Ultimaker 3 out of the cardboard box and loosen the strap by opening the buckle.


Remove the Styrofoam top

Remove the top part of the Styrofoam packaging with the two spools of filament and factory test print in it.


Accessory box

Take out the accessory box.


Remove the Styrofoam front and bottom

Remove the Styrofoam part that is placed at the front bottom side of the Ultimaker 3. Then take the Ultimaker 3, remove the bottom Styrofoam part and place the Ultimaker 3 on a flat surface.


Print head

Cut the zip tie that secures the print head and remove the piece of tape from the print head.

unboxing_free_printhead.jpeg unboxing_remove_printhead_tape.jpeg

This is in the box

Besides the spools of PLA (350 g) and PVA (350 g), test print and a quick start guide, the Ultimaker 3 is supplied with several hardware accessories. Check if all these accessories are included before continuing.

  1. Power cable (under the printer)
  2. Power adapter
  3. Ethernet cable
  4. Spool holder with NFC cable
  5. Material guide
  6. Cable cover
  7. Hex screwdriver
  8. Print core AA 0.4 and print core BB 0.4 

    Note: Another print core AA 0.4 is placed in print head slot 1 of the Ultimaker 3.

  9. Glass plate
  10. Calibration card
  11. USB stick
  12. XY calibration sheet
  13. Glue stick
  14. Magnalube (for lead screw Z motor)
  15. Machine oil (for X/Y/Z axles)


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