Installing print cores on the Ultimaker 3

To perform the setup steps, turn on the printer with the power switch at the back. The welcome setup appears on the display. Rotate the button to navigate through the menus and press the button to confirm your selection.

Note: The welcome setup won't show up right away after turning on the Ultimaker 3.

Print cores

The Ultimaker 3 uses two print cores in the print head, which are interchangeable.

There are two types of print cores:

  • Type AA: for printing build materials and Ultimaker Breakaway material
  • Type BB: for printing water-soluble support material 

Caution: Do not use the Ultimaker CC Print cores on the Ultimaker 3. The Ultimaker 3 feeder is not abrasion resistant and thus could be damaged if used with abrasive materials.

Each Ultimaker 3 comes with two AA 0.4 print cores - of which one is already installed in print head slot 1 - and one BB 0.4 print core. This means that it is possible to make prints with two build materials or with a build and support material.

The print cores contain information so that the printer always knows which print cores are installed and which materials can be used with this print core.

Installing the second print core

During the welcome setup, the second print core must be installed. To do this, follow the steps on the display of the Ultimaker 3: 

  1. Open the print head fan bracket and press Continue
  2. The Ultimaker 3 will now automatically detect the print core (AA) that is placed in print head slot 1. Confirm to continue
  3. Install the BB print core in print head slot 2 by squeezing the levers of the print core and sliding it into the print head

    Caution: Do not touch the chip on the backside of the print core with your hands.

    Note: Make sure you keep the print core completely vertical while installing it so it will smoothly slide into the print head.

  4. The Ultimaker 3 should now automatically detect the print core (BB) that is placed in print head slot 2. Confirm to continue
  5. Close the print head fan bracket and confirm to proceed with the setup procedure

pcinstallation_open_bracket.jpeg pcinstallation_place_bb_core.jpeg

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