Unboxing the Ultimaker S5

The Ultimaker S5 comes in reusable, durable packaging, specially designed to protect your 3D printer.

Tip: We recommend removing the packaging with the box placed on the floor for safety. Please retain all packaging for warranty purposes.

Follow the steps below properly to unpack your Ultimaker S5:

  1. Remove the plastic locking clips from the lower section of the box
  2. Holding the handles, lift the upper section of the box to reveal the printer
  3. Lift the top foam section away from the printer, pulling the print head cable free
  4. Remove the cardboard insert with the materials from the top of the printer
  5. Place the printer on a flat surface
  6. Slide the center seal at the bottom of the glass doors to one side, and then remove all of the remaining seals
  7. Carefully open the glass doors and take out the accessory box and foam pieces from inside the printer
  8. Remove the plastic protection from the touchscreen

Caution: When placing the printer on a shelf or table, take proper measures to prevent the printer from falling.

Caution: If the printer needs to be transported without the outer box, be aware of the weight and dimensions of the printer. According to the UL 60950-1 definition, the printer is non-portable. Use proper transport means to do this safely in order to prevent tripping.

unboxing_remove_plastic_locking_clips.jpg unboxing_lift_top_foam.jpgunboxing_remove_cardboard_insert.jpg unboxing_remove_glass_door_seals.jpg

What's in the box

Besides the printer itself, a quick start guide, and test print, the Ultimaker S5 is supplied with several hardware accessories. Check if all these items are included before continuing.

  • Glass build plate
  • Spool holder with material guide
  • Power cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB stick
  • Print core AA 0.4
  • Print core BB 0.4
  • Nozzle cover (3x)
  • Tough PLA (750 g)
  • PVA (750 g)
  • Glue stick
  • Oil
  • Grease 
  • Hex screwdriver 2 mm
  • XY calibration sheet
  • Calibration card

Tip: Another print core AA 0.4 is placed in print head slot 1 of the Ultimaker S5.


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