How to process Metal FFF prints?

The Ultimaker Metal FFF expansion kit offers a unique way to print full metal parts directly from your Ultimaker S-lines 3D printers. This process however, is done partially on your machine and partially at the metal part processing company.

The process

The process is done in a few steps, some are your responsibility and others are done by a processing partner that processes the metal parts for you.

3D printing

Before you start your 3D print, please ensure to carefully read the quickstart guide on Metal FFF 3D printing. This guide contains steps to prepare your printer, safety measures and additional information on the do's and don'ts for metal 3D printing.

After you've finished your 3D print, have the glue dissolved and removed it from the glass plate you have the result that you are looking for: the green part.


Metal processing

In order to have your 'green part' processed into a full metal part, it needs to be shipped to a metal part processing partner. Ensure to carefully follow the quickstart guide on how to do this and schedule your appointment. This part of the process is not your responsibility. You will simply receive your metal part at the end of the process. Depending on the situation, this may take a few days up to two weeks.

Note: Ultimaker is not responsible for metal part processing. For any questions or issues regarding this process, please contact your processing partner.

Final metal part

After the metal processing partner has shipped the 3D object back to you, you may inspect your final result. Remember: Ensure to always follow our 3D printing design guidelines to ensure the result will meet your expectations.

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