Replace the Ultimaker 2+ Bowden tube

The Bowden tube guides the filament from the feeder to the print head. Over time, the inside and outside of the tube may have become scratched. This can cause print quality issues, or the tube is not held securely in place anymore.

It is recommended to check the surface of the Bowden tube once a year. Replace it when necessary to retain optimal print quality and reliability.

Requirements and info

Part(s) 1x 1266 - Bowden tube (old part number)
Note: Now supplied as Bowden pack including collets and clamp clips (part numbers 1696 or 226572).
Tool(s) None required
Time 3 minutes
Difficulty level 1 - Easy

Tip: The Bowden pack also includes a new set of tube coupling collets and clamp clips. You can replace these at the same time, or keep them for later.


UM2-Change-material-menu.jpg UM2-Remove-clamp-clip.jpg
1. Unload material 2. Remove clamp clip

In the Material menu, select Change and take the material out of the feeder. After this, turn off the printer. You do not have to remove the spool from the spool holder.


Place the print head in the front-right corner for easier access and remove the clamp clip from around the tube coupling collet. Also remove the clamp clip from the feeder.


UM2-Remove-Bowden-tube.jpg UM2-Bowden-cable-clips.jfif
3. Remove Bowden tube 4. Loosen cable clips

Press down on the tube coupling collet while pulling the Bowden tube out of the print head. Repeat this for the feeder.


There are five cable clips securing the Bowden tube to the print head cable. Click them off the Bowden tube.



Bowden-tube-sides-L.jpeg UM2plus-Remove-Bowden-feeder.jpg
1. Note the two sides 2. Insert into feeder

Take the new Bowden tube and note the two different sides. The chamfered side should be inserted into the feeder. This allows easier access of the filament into the Bowden tube. The flat side goes into the print head.


Insert the chamfered side of the Bowden tube into the feeder. Keep the collet pressed down and push the Bowden tube all the way in. Secure the tube with the clamp clip.


UM2-Remove-Bowden-tube.jpg UM2-Bowden-cable-clips.jfif
3. Insert into print head 4. Place cable clips

Insert the other side of the Bowden tube into the print head. Keep the collet pressed down and push the Bowden tube all the way in. Secure the tube with the clamp clip.


Click the print head cable clips onto the Bowden tube. Equally divide the clips over the Bowden tube, starting at ~10 cm above the print head.




5. Reload material


Turn on the printer. Reload your material either via Material - Change, or via Maintenance - Advanced - Insert material.

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