Ultimaker 2+ welcome setup

When you turn on the Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 2 Extended+ for the first time, the printer will guide you through the welcome setup. This setup contains several processes that are crucial before you can start printing. Going through the welcome setup will only take a few minutes.

Bed leveling

The first part of the welcome setup for the Ultimaker 2+ is the build plate leveling process. This ensures that you have the correct distance between the build plate and the nozzle during printing, for optimal adhesion. This must be done before using the Ultimaker 2+ for the first time and then periodically.

To level the build plate, you will need the calibration card.

Follow the instructions on the display, or learn more about the process on this page:

Build plate leveling for the Ultimaker 2+

Load material

Before you can start your first print, you must first load material to the print head. A spool of PLA Silver-Metallic is included with the printer. It is recommended to load this material for first use.

Unpack the spool and cut off the end of the filament. Ensure a nice sharp tip for easy loading. Place the spool on the spool holder and insert the filament into the feeder, as instructed on the display. Once the feeder grips the material and it is visible in the Bowden tube above the feeder, press the button to fast-forward the material to the print head. Confirm when the material extrudes from the nozzle.

Learn more about this process on this page:

Loading material on the Ultimaker 2+

UM2-Welcome-setup-1.jpg UM2-Welcome-setup-2.jpg



That's it, the welcome setup is complete, and you can now start your first print!

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