Product Discontinuance Notice - Ultimaker S5R1


The Ultimaker S5 was first released in 2018. In 2020, Ultimaker introduced a new version of the Ultimaker S5. This new version (S5 'R2') fully replaced the older model (S5 'R1'). Learn more about the versions here:


What are the differences between the Ultimaker S5 versions?


The Ultimaker S5R1 has been discontinued, but there is still a remaining service period for these printers.

Note: This product discontinuance notice only applies to the 2018-2020 model, or Ultimaker S5 'R1'.

The end of service date for the Ultimaker S5R1 is October 1, 2023. Until that date, the following services will still be provided:

  • Support. Customer Service will answer questions and help with troubleshooting.
  • Service parts. Spare parts for maintenance and repairs are available.
  • Software. New software features and updates are not guaranteed, but bug fixes, patches, and workarounds could be provided.

For more information, please read the Product Discontinuance Notice, or Ultimaker's End of Life policy.

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