Where can I find Ultimaker 3 Extended firmware?

Although the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended are different models, they use the same firmware file. You can download this here:

Ultimaker 3 firmware

The printer type is set in the Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended electronics, on the Olimex board. This information will never be erased, also not when performing a factory reset or a firmware recovery.

When installing new firmware, the printer will check its printer ID code and update accordingly. This means you do not have to worry that the height and build volume settings of your printer are incorrect (200 mm for Ultimaker 3, 300 mm for Ultimaker 3 Extended).

Replacing the Olimex board

Because the printer ID is programmed on the Olimex board, make sure you get the right type if this board has to be replaced. There are separate part numbers for the two boards:

  • 1782 - Olimex for Ultimaker 3
  • 1783 - Olimex for Ultimaker 3 Extended

Tip: If your reseller utilizes different part numbers, contact them first to ensure you will receive the correct type.

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