Ultimaker 3 welcome setup

Use the switch at the back to power on the printer. When you turn on the Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended for the first time, the printer will guide you through the welcome setup. This setup contains several steps that are crucial before you can start printing.

Going through the welcome setup will only take a few minutes. Rotate the button to navigate through the menus and press the button to confirm your selection.

Print core

One print core (AA 0.4) is already installed in slot 1 of the print head. During the welcome setup, the second print core must be installed. To do this, follow the steps on the display of the Ultimaker 3. Learn more here:

Installing print cores on the Ultimaker 3


Before you can start printing on the Ultimaker 3, you need to load materials into the printer. For the first use, it is recommended to use the spools of PLA and PVA that came with the Ultimaker 3.

First load material 2, then place material 1 on the material guide to load it into the printer. Follow the steps on the display or learn more here:

Loading materials on the Ultimaker 3


The Ultimaker 3 can connect to the network to enable remote printing. You can use the supplied Ethernet cable, or set up Wi-Fi. To connect your Ultimaker 3 to a wireless network, you will need a computer or smartphone.

Learn more here:

Setting up a network connection


If the printer is connected to a network, it will automatically check if a newer firmware version is available. If so, confirm to download and install it. This will take several minutes.

If the printer is not connected to the internet, you can check and install the latest firmware version manually via USB.

Learn more here:

Update the Ultimaker 3 firmware

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