1. Ultrafuse® Support Layer General information

Note: This product is exclusively available for the European Market


The Ultrafuse® Support Layer is uniquely designed for FFF printing of Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH and 316L filaments and prevents the metal support from sintering to the printed part. It hereby allows to print complex geometries and a wide range of designs. During debinding and sintering the distortion of the printed part is minimized. After support removal, it yields excellent surface quality of the supported areas. Altogether, it simplifies the workflow of preparing parts for sintering and results in high quality metal 3D printing.

Note: A DD core should be used in combination with this material since it is highly abrasive and will quickly wear out other nozzles.

Printing strategies

The Ultrafuse® Support Layer should be printed as an interface layer between the printed support and the printed part. The printing profiles at the Ultimaker Marketplace automatically generate a thin layer of ceramic support that can be removed after sintering.

Metal Expansion Kit

The combination of Ultrafuse® Support Layer with the Metal Expansion Kit and accompanying software allows the creation of reproducible and high quality metal parts.

Additional information

Particle and chemical emissions of the filament-machine combination were tested according to UL 2904. Based on this, we have established user guidelines to provide adequate ventilation and/or connect the printer to an external exhaust.

More information can be found on the BASF website: https://forward-am.com/material-portfolio/ultrafuse-filaments-for-fused-filaments-fabrication-fff/metal-filaments/ultrafuse-support-layer/

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