Sharing library projects

The library is a way to keep print files and documentation around those print files organised in projects. It becomes even more valuable when you share that information with others. This page describes how to share library projects and what happens when you share a library project.


What happens when sharing library projects

Determining who gets access

How to (un)share a library project

Deleting your account or leaving the Digital Factory organization 

Unsharing a library project from someone who left the organization



What happens when you share a library project

When you start a library project, it can only be seen and used by you. When you share a library project, then others gain access to the full content of the library project (also see the section below on determining who gets access). In order to be able to share Library Projects, you need at least an Essentials subscription. Others can reprint the prints, download all the documents, and leave comments. They can also delete prints and documents. Organizations with a professional, excellence, or education subscription can assign the Guest user role to a user so they can use the content of any library project, but not alter the content in any way.

Determine who gets access

You can share projects with others with two different scopes; the whole organization or certain teams.

If you share with the whole organization all the people in the organization can read and alter the project (depending on their role). 

If your organization has a Professional, Excellence, or Education subscription, users can share a project with one or more teams; only people who are part of those teams gain access. This can also be used for excluding certain groups of people from from accessing certain projects by not selecting those teams. Admins have access to all projects that are shared with any team, they have access to private projects.   

How to (un)share a library project

For sharing a library project:

  1. Navigate to the project you want to share
  2. Select the 'Share' button in the upper right corner
  3. Select to share with
    • 'Entire organization' to allow everyone access to the project or
    • The teams you'd like to share with (sharing with teams is only enabled for professional, excellence, or education subscriptions)
  4. In case you want to to see who is part of what team or create a new team, you can select the 'Manage Teams' link. 
  5. Select 'Save Changes'
  6. 'Confirm' the changes.  


Deleting your account or leaving the Digital Factory organization 

When an admin removes a user from an organization, all library projects that are shared with an organization or a team remain in the organization while all unshared library projects remain only accessible to the user.

When a user deletes their own account, their shared library projects remain in the organization and the username will be redacted for privacy purposes. The private library projects will be deleted entirely. 

Unsharing a library project from someone who left the organization

Shared library projects are always visible to an admin, so they can always manage the sharing settings of the project. When they unshare the library project, they will become the owner of the project. This ensures the project remains visible to someone in the organization.


Why can't I share my projects?

Project sharing is limited in a couple of subscription types

Users with the

  • Personal plan can't share projects at all
  • Essentials plan can only have 5 shared projects for all users within the organization  
I'm not seeing a shared project
  • Check whether the project is shared. Sharing needs to happen explicitly by a user, and projects are unshared by default
  • Make sure you are in the same organization. If you and the other user who shares the project click on the account icon in the upper right corner of digital factory, then you need to see the same organization. If that is not the case you need to be invited into their organization.
  • If the project is shared with teams and not with the whole organization, then make sure you are part of the team or one of the teams that the project is shared with.
Why can't I share my project with a team

If your organization is on the essentials plan, then only sharing with the whole organization is permitted. You need to upgrade your plan to at least the Professional level. 

How can I prevent others from making changes to my library project

You either need to

  • Limit sharing to not include that person, or
  • Have an admin change the role of that person to guest, this way they can still access others' projects but not change others' projects.
Why can't I see other users' unshared projects

We understand the need to sometimes have access to projects of others but we have chosen to implement one rule that respect people's privacy and intellectual property that applies worldwide. For a user with the admin role in the organization it is possible to download a CSV report that lists both the shared and unshared projects per user. This allows you to check whether any projects need sharing before a user deletes their account or is removed from the organization. 

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