Print job approval

Print job approval is meant for those Digital Factory organizations that have a lot of users send in prints and there needs to be some level of control about what it printed.

Generally it allows users with the 'Guest' role to prepare print jobs in Cura and send them to the printers via Digital Factory. Instead of the prints being assigned to the printer immediately all users with the 'Member' or 'Admin' role can approve these prints and then the prints will be assigned to the printers.

Note: When you use the print job approval feature, then make sure the firewall of the printer is turned on. Users can send print jobs locally via Cura and that bypasses the print job approval.

How to use print job approval

Turn on the feature

This feature can only be turned on by users with the 'Admin' role

  1. Navigate to Manage > Permissions
  2. Turn on the toggle
  3. Save changes

Every print job that is sent to Digital Factory from that moment on by a guest user needs approval. 

Send a job via Cura

The print jobs of users with the 'Guest' role are held in the print job approval queue, other users can just print. However for these users nothing changes in the way they send print jobs to Digital Factory.  

  1. Slice a file with the right settings in Cura
  2. Select 'Print via Cloud'
  3. See your print jobs' status in Digital Factory

The print job will not be sent to a printer in Digital Factory until a user with the 'Admin' or 'Member' role approves it. Also see the 'alternative actions for a print job' section down below. 

Approve a job via Digital Factory

Only users with the 'Member' or 'Admin' role can approve print jobs. In order to approve a print job:

  1. Navigate to the print jobs page in Digital Factory
  2. Look up the print job that needs approval in the list
  3. For
    • Approving the print job select the blue checkmark; the print job will go to the printer that the user selected.

    • Rejecting the print job select the '...' to the right of the blue checkmark, and select 'Reject' from the menu that appears. The print job will then not be produced and go directly to the print job history.

Alternative actions for a print job

Each print job on the approval page can be:

    1. Sent to Digital Factory again as a reprint, select the '...' to the right of the blue checkmark, and select 'Reprint' from the menu that appears.
      For approvers this means the new print job will become theirs. After this you can still approve or reject the original print job.
    2. Send the print job to a library project for later re-use, select the '...' to the right of the blue checkmark, and select 'Copy to library project' from the menu that appears.


Why can't I activate the print job approval?
You need to have an organization with Professional, Excellence, or an Education subscription. Next to that you need admin rights to do so.
How come I see print jobs that I cannot approve?
These print jobs are coming from library projects that are not shared with you. You need to ask the person who submitted the print to share the project with you.
Why are my print jobs not getting approved?
You need to ask the person who can approve them to approve them. They need the 'Admin' or 'Member' role assigned to them. If you are printing from a Library Project, make sure it is shared with them.
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