What is the Metal Expansion Kit compatible with?

The Metal Expansion Kit is compatible with the Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker S3. It is strongly recommended to use the Ultimaker S5 in combination with the Air Manager for both air filtration and heat retention.

Caution: The Ultimaker Air Manager filters ultrafine particles that are released when printing filaments. However, also potentially hazardous fumes (VOC's) can be released during printing. Therefore, it is important to apply adequate ventilation 

The metal filaments are not compatible with the Ultimaker Material Station, since depriming does not work reliably. The print profiles and compatibility information can of Ultrafuse 17-4 PH can be found on the Ultimaker Marketplace

How to disconnect the Material Station from your Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle?

The Material Station should be disconnected when printing Metal filaments. Power off both the Ultimaker S5 and Material Station and disconnect the power extension cable, NFC cable and bowden tubes from the Material Station to the Ultimaker S5. Detailed instructions can be found here, please follow the steps carefully in reverse order. Place the Ultimaker S5 spool holder on the back of the 3D printer.


What print cores are compatible for printing metal materials?

The following print cores should be used

  • Metal filaments including Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH should be printed with a CC 0.4 or CC 0.6 print core
  • The Ultrafuse® Support Layer should be printed with a DD 0.4 print core
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