How to maintain your print cores?

It is important to frequently clean your print cores when printing with metal FFF. This has two reasons:

  • The filaments can cause clogged nozzles
  • Residues that are left in the print core can create potentially hazardous VOC's especially when temperatures above 250°C are used

Danger: When manually cleaning the print core, never use a temperature above 250°C to avoid the release of potentially hazardous fumes. Detailed guidelines on VOC emissions and safe working environment preparation can be found here.

The print cores should be cleaned using the hot and cold pull method: How to perform a hot and cold pull. For full reliability, it is recommend to clean the print cores after every print. A specific cleaning procedure for metal FFF can be found in the firmware of the printer that makes sure to use the correct cleaning temperatures. After using a material with a higher printing temperature, the user will be automatically prompted to the cleaning wizard.

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