Why is Ultimaker Cura 5 blocked by my virus scanner?

Ultimaker has tested and verified the latest Cura 5.0 at multiple steps during the development cycle, via an external reviewer. Unfortunately, a small adjustment in the last phase of development has caused anti virus programs to flag the application as malicious.

Download Ultimaker Cura: Ensure to always download Ultimaker Cura from our official website www.Ultimaker.com.

The Ultimaker Cura icon

The 'Ultimaker-cura.ico' icon file that you see when the application is running, has been improved and updated for the 5.0 version and is 'flagged' as malicious. We are still investigating how this could have happened. The trigger by the programs is a false positive and we concluded and verified that the application is safe to use.


Anti virus programs allow to 'exclude' the application. This simply means; allow the application to run with the anti virus enabled. Please consult your anti virus manual on how to perform this action.

Please allow the anti virus to run Ultimaker Cura, this will send the information about Cura to your anti virus manufacturer and speed up the process of Cura to be verified as 'safe to use'.

List of affected anti virus programs

Note: This issue currently affects 12 anti virus programs. We expect the issue to be resolved shortly. Do not worry if you cannot find your specific anti virus and thread in the table below. We are working on the issue and will update this article regularly. Contacting support will not lead to a quicker resolve time.

Anti virus program Thread
McAfee-GW-Edition BehavesLike.Win64.generic.vc
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