Are project files of older Ultimaker Cura versions compatible with Cura 5?

Yes, you are able to load all previous projects you have been working on in Ultimaker Cura 5. The engine has been tested on numerous 3D models and we have not seen any major negative impacts on the print results. However, due to the new Cura engine, your results may differ slightly in the following ways:

  • Reduced print time due to optimization
  • Less gaps inside the 3D model
  • Lines are printed with finer detail

A number of print settings are no longer available in Ultimaker Cura 5. Your project files are not affected by this change, as the new settings have replaced and improved the old ones.

Tip: Please visit this article to read about all benefits of the new slice engine.

NOTE: If you run into unexpected 3D printing results with a project file that did not occur with previous versions of Cura, please contact Ultimaker Support. We only offer support for Ultimaker 3D printer based print projects.

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