Why can't my Ultimaker Cura 5 plugin be loaded?

Ultimaker Cura has the ability to download and install plugins via the Marketplace. These plugins are mostly created by external developers. When a plugin does not load correctly, please check the options below.

Major Cura upgrade

When installing a major Cura upgrade, for example from version 4.x to 5.x, it may be required for plugins to be verified and updated. Depending on the (external) developer, this might take some time. We encourage developers to update their plugins timely, but Ultimaker does not own the plugins.


The plugin will not yet work for the new Cura version and can simply be uninstalled by clicking the 'remove plugin' button in the pop-up screen.

Please be patient as the developers update their plugins, they will automatically appear in the marketplace when updated. Simply reinstall the updated plugin to continue to use it.

Plugin issues

Ultimaker Cura might run into issues when loading or using the plugins downloaded from the Marketplace. Please try to remove and reinstall the plugin from the Marketplace. If this does not fix your issue, please contact the developer by finding the plugin on Github and ask for their support.

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