Bulk Account Creation

Before members of your organization can sign in and use Ultimaker services, they need a user account. If you need to add many new users and have single sign on in Digital Factory with your own organization credentials, you can add their accounts all at once from a spreadsheet. These accounts will be created without the users having to accept an invitation via email, so it will save the organization admin the trouble of dealing with lost invitation emails and users losing login credentials.

How to add users

Before you begin

  • This feature only works if you have federated single-sign on enabled. Federated single-sign-on means that authorization for logging into Ultimaker Digital Factory happens with your organization and not Ultimaker's account service. This option is available for the Excellence and Education plans.
  • Make sure you have the admin role in Ultimaker Digital Factory.
  • You cannot update records of existing users with this function. Individual users can update their names and email addresses on the account pages.  
  • We strongly advise exporting the needed information for the CSV directly from your domain controller (active directory for instance) to prevent errors.

Preparing your CSV file

A CSV file is a format for a spreadsheet in text form which is compatible with most spreadsheet programs and can even be inspected in a text editor.

  1. Start your spreadsheet program of choice.
  2. Place the users' full names in the first column, including any family name affixes.
  3. Place the email addresses in the second column.
  4. Digital Factory assumes there is no header to the CSV file. If you import a file with a header you will receive an error for the first line, but you can still create the accounts. 
  5. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV in UTF-8 encoding (in Excel choose file > Save as... and then for the file format choose CSV UTF-8).

For the separation between the columns a comma, semicolon, or a tab can be used (but use only one type in the same file), but not spaces.


Adding users with a spreadsheet

  1. Navigate to the organization teams page and select 'Invite Users'.
  2. At the bottom of the dialog select 'Bulk Account Creation'.
  3. A dialogue will be displayed that explains the procedure, along with a section to drop your CSV or to upload it by selecting it from the local file system.
  4. Upload your CSV for processing.
  5. After your CSV is processed a summary of the changes will be displayed containing the number of:
    • Valid accounts to create;
    • accounts that already exist which will be skipped;
    • lines which are invalid and cannot be processed.
  6. You may either choose to proceed with the summarised changes, upload a new CSV, or cancel.
  7. When you proceed, user accounts will be created for all valid lines in the CSV, with an "account created" email being sent to each address.


Resolving Common Errors

Errors uploading CSV file
Error Cause/Solution
File did not upload correctly

There was a problem with the internet connection during the upload process.

File is not correctly formatted Save the CSV file in UTF-8 so the usernames are readable.
Errors in the CSV file
Error Cause/Solution
Missing name The Name field is missing or not filled in
Invalid name The Name field contains invalid characters
Missing email

The email field is missing or not filled in

Invalid email The email field contains an invalid email (for example missing an @)
Email not in organization domain Bulk Creation is limited to emails addresses within the domain of the company. If your domain is example.com, only emails ending in that domain will be accepted, for example j.smith@example.com
Account already in organization The email you're trying creating an account for is already a member of your organization.
Duplicate email in CSV The email is listed more than once in the CSV. This is a warning to help you keep track of the number of accounts that are actually created.



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