The camera view of my Ultimaker printer is not working in Cura

The camera view of your compatible Ultimaker 3D printer can be accessed in two ways; either through the Digital Factory using a cloud connection, or via the Ultimaker Cura 'monitor tab' on a local network connection. This means that in order to view the camera from within Ultimaker Cura, your printer must be added to Ultimaker Cura as a local network printer.

TipUltimaker's Digital Factory offers more functionality than the monitor in Ultimaker Cura, get started with the Digital Factory to view your camera in any web browser.

How to set up your printer on a LAN connection and resolve the issue

  1. Add your printer to Ultimaker Cura as a local network printer. A detailed guide can be found here
  2. When using an S-line printer, DISABLE the firewall
  3. When steps 1 and 2 have been completed, restart Ultimaker Cura and the Ultimaker 3D printer
  4. Open the Ultimaker Cura and ensure that the printer is connected as a local printer, showing the 'check icon'
  5. Visit the 'monitor tab' and click the 'camera icon' to view the live images.


Note: The camera button should be blue as in the image above. When clicking it does not show the camera feed; please reboot the printer one more time and wait until it reconnects to Ultimaker Cura and try again.

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