PVA Removal Station components

The Ultimaker PVA Removal Station consists of several components and accessories. This page explains the name and function of each component to prevent confusion on other support pages.

Docking station

The docking station is the base of the PVA Removal Station. It contains integrated electronics and a motor. The docking station also features the interface. The power cable is connected to the docking station.




The large container has a volume of 13.7 L (3.6 US Gal). The container is filled with cold water to enable the cleaning process.

The container has two grips and a large handle for easy transportation. The back of the container has a pouring spout to facilitate water disposal.



Top cover

During operation, the top cover should be placed on the container to close it. This prevents water splashing out of the PVA Removal Station.



Rinsing basket

During the cleaning process, printed objects are placed in the rinsing basket. This ensures that the objects are kept fully submerged and away from the turning rotor.

The rinsing basket has an inner divider to restrict movement of the printed part.




The magnetic rotor is placed at the bottom of the container. During the cleaning process, the rotor will turn to enable water flow.

There are two rotor speeds: Normal and slow. The rotor will automatically change direction during operation to optimize dissolving speeds.



Rotor bearing ring

The rotor bearing ring is placed under the rotor. This reduces wear on the rotor and increases the component's lifespan. The ring is a consumable part; extra rotor bearing rings are supplied with the PVA Removal Station.


(image coming soon)


The simple but elegant interface has two buttons and three small LEDs.

Turn the PVA Removal Station on and off with the power button on the left. The button on the right side sets the rotor speed (normal, slow, or paused). The interface also controls the container illumination and indicates error states.



PVA scratch tool

The PVA scratch tool can be used to remove larger chunks of softened PVA support material. This can drastically reduce cleaning time and water saturation levels.

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