Error 1 - No rotor or water detected

If during operation of the PVA Removal Station, the rotor stops and the rotor speed LEDs blink in a pattern, the PVA Removal Station has encountered an error. If both LEDs flash once, then pause for 1 second, this is error code 1.

There can be two potential causes for this error:

No rotor detected No water detected

The PVA Removal Station will only function if the magnetic rotor is correctly installed in the container. Do not fill the container with water if the rotor is not installed first, because the device will not work. Check if the rotor is correctly in place. If not, empty the container (and clean it if necessary) and install the rotor:

  1. Take the rotor by its center pin and make sure the fins are facing upward.
  2. Gently but firmly push the rotor onto the pin at the bottom of the container.
  3. Apply pressure until the rotor is fully in place; the rubber O-ring of the rotor pin should be pushed through the rotor completely.
  4. Refill the container with water

After taking the actions described above, restart the PVA Removal Station to continue operation.

Need further support?

If the issue persists after trying the steps listed above, please reach out to support by submitting a ticket so we can assist in further troubleshooting.

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