PVA Removal Station error messages

If the PVA Removal Station encounters a technical issue, the rotor will stop and the interface will display an error message. The error can be caused by a hardware failure, negligence, or inappropriate use.

Error messages will be presented in the form of both rotor speed LEDs blinking in a pattern. To determine the error code, count the number of times both LEDs flash, between a distinctive pause of 1 second.


The following error codes are implemented. For more detailed troubleshooting information, click the error code.

Error Potential cause Suggested actions
1 No rotor detected Check if the rotor is placed correctly onto the pin at the bottom of the container.
No water detected Fill the PVA Removal Station with an appropriate amount of water.
2 Rotor is jammed Check if the printed parts are not protruding through the rinsing basket and blocking the rotor.
3 Device has overheated Turn off the PVA Removal Station for 30 minutes to let it cool down completely. Place the device in a cooler environment.
4 Motor error Restart the PVA Removal Station or check the docking station.

If only the Slow speed LED is blinking, this is an overheating warning. The PVA Removal Station will automatically cool down and resume normal cleaning speed.

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