How do Cura backups work?

By backing up your Ultimaker Cura configuration to the cloud you make sure that none of your printer configuration, print settings, and plugins ever gets lost. Screen_Shot_2021-11-29_at_16.07.58.png

  1. Navigate to 'Extensions' -> 'Cura backups' -> 'Manage backups'.
  2. From there, you can sign in with an Ultimaker Account (or create one if you haven't already), and create a backup.
  3. Click the info icon to get extra informations on the individual backups

You can also enable 'auto backup', which will store a backup of all your settings every day (if you start Cura) automatically. Once you've created a backup, you can restore it via this window as well (this will wipe your current settings and replace them with the ones in the backup). 

The backups are securely stored in Ultimaker's cloud. You can restore a backup in any installation of Cura as long as you're signed in with your Ultimaker Account (for example you can create a backup on your desktop and restore it on your laptop, as a way to synchronise settings between Cura installations). 

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