Check the rotor bearing ring

The rotor bearing ring is placed on the rotor pin under the magnetic rotor. This item prevents excessive wear of the rotor bearings. The PVA Removal Station will function without the ring, but the lifespan of the rotor is extended significantly when the ring is used.

This ring should be checked for imperfections when inspecting the rotor bearings. It is recommended to do this once every three months or after 500 operating hours.

Visually check the rotor bearing ring for imperfections such as dents, burrs, or discoloration. Replace the ring if it appears worn. Pay special attention to unequal wear of the rotor bearing ring. If one side of the ring is thinner than the other, this could be a sign of an unbalanced rotor.

In case of a damaged rotor, contact your local reseller or submit a support ticket for a replacement.

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