Check the PVA Removal Station for damage

As the PVA Removal Station is filled with water, it is very important that there are no cracks or chips that could cause leakages. It is recommended to carefully check all parts of the PVA Removal Station for signs of damage while or after cleaning the device.

If the container, docking station, rotor, or power cable is damaged, discontinue use immediately. Contact your local reseller or submit a support ticket for repair or replacement of the damaged part.

Perform checks on the following components:

Check for cracks and leaks. Do not fill the container with water or continue to use it if any water is leaking from the container.
An unbalanced rotor accelerates wear on the rotor bearings and reduces dissolving speeds.
Docking station
Check for damage to the exterior of the docking station. If the docking station is damaged or broken, discontinue use immediately as water could come in contact with the integrated electronics.
Power cable

A damaged power cable is hazardous. Discontinue use immediately and replace the damaged cable with a new one.

Caution: Never use the PVA Removal Station or connect the power cable if the container, docking station, rotor, or power cable shows any signs of damage.

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