Disposal of wastewater

The container should be emptied in the following situations:

When emptying the container, it is highly recommended to stir the water first.

  1. Turn on the PVA Removal Station using the power button.
  2. Set the rotor speed to Normal.
  3. Let the PVA Removal Station mix the water for 1 minute.
  4. Remove the top cover and rinsing basket from the container and place them aside.

Tip: The top cover turned upside down can be used as a dripping tray for the rinsing basket.

  1. Lift the container from the docking station. Use either the handle at the top, or use the grips on either side at the bottom of the container.

Caution: Dried-up PVA residue has highly adhesive properties. If any PVA residue came into contact with the docking station, this could result in the container remaining attached to the docking station when the container is lifted. Make sure the two parts are detached before walking away with the container.

  1. Move the container to a water disposal location. Gently tilt the container and pour out the water using the pouring spout at the back of the container.

Tip: PVA is a biodegradable material and can be disposed of down the drain, providing the wastewater distribution network is connected to a wastewater treatment plant. Check local regulations for more comprehensive guidance.

After disposal of the water, run hot water from the tap for approximately 30 seconds to remove any PVA residue from the drain and avoid longer-term clogging issues.

Next, clean the container. Once the container is cleaned, you can refill it for continued use of the PVA Removal Station or place it away in storage.

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