Select rotor speed

The PVA Removal Station is equipped with two rotor speed settings: Normal and Low. The Low speed mode is recommended for smaller, fragile printed objects. Additionally, a Pause mode is available to allow intermediate inspection of the part and dissolving process.


Note: The PVA Removal Station makes use of two rotational directions for optimal cleaning performance. This will happen automatically. At the rotational direction change, the rotor will be stationary for several seconds; this is normal.

  1. Press the power button to power on the PVA Removal Station. The container illumination will start up. The device powers on in Pause mode.
  2. Press the rotor speed button once to activate Normal rotor speed. Both LED indicators will light up to indicate full rotor speed.
  3. To activate the Low rotor speed mode, press the rotor button again. Now, only the lower indicator will be lit, indicating reduced rotor speed.
  4. The PVA Removal Station is now set up, and the PVA dissolving process is active.

Note: Pressing the rotor button a third time will activate the Pause mode. Keep pressing the button to cycle through the three different modes (Normal, Low, Pause) until you have reached the desired setting.


The PVA removal process now begins. Simply leave the printed object in the PVA Removal Station until all of the PVA has been removed. Alternatively, remove the object after a short while to remove larger pieces of support material to speed up the process. More tips are on the page Remove the print.

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