Place parts in the rinsing basket

The rinsing basket of the PVA Removal Station keeps the parts fully submerged during operation for complete dissolution of all support material. It also keeps the parts away from the moving rotor. This prevents damage to the printed parts and the magnetic rotor.

Note: Never place printed objects in the PVA Removal Station without the rinsing basket. Make sure no parts of the object are protruding through the rinsing basket.

Additionally, the divider in the rinsing basket allows restricting the object's movement. Placement of the printed part can reduce dissolving time. Place and restrict the object, with the majority of the PVA at the bottom, as far as possible in the lower corners of the rinsing basket. This is where the water flow is most intense.


To speed up the dissolving of the PVA support material, first manually remove as much PVA material as possible, prior to placing the print in the basket. Be careful not to damage the printed part in the process. Use pliers to remove larger chunks of PVA.

Caution: Protective gloves are advised as broken pieces of PVA can be sharp.

Placing the parts in the rinsing basket

  1. Unlock the rinsing basket and open the lids.
  2. Place the printed object in the rinsing basket.
  3. Adjust the basket’s divider to restrict movement of the object. Make sure that no parts of the printed object are protruding through the sides of the basket.
PVARS-Placepart-2.jpg PVARS-Placepart-3.jpg
Placing the printed object Adjust the divider


  1. Close the lids of the basket to fix the divider in place and lock the lids shut.
  2. Lift the rinsing basket and lower it into the container.
  3. Place the top cover onto the container.
PVARS-Placepart-5.jpg PVARS-Placepart-6.jpg
Lower the rinsing basket into the container Place the top cover to close the PVA Removal Station


With the part correctly in place, the PVA Removal Station can now be put into operation. Next, learn more about the available rotor speeds.

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