Fill the container

To dissolve PVA of 3D printed parts, the container of the PVA Removal Station must be filled with cold tap water.

PVARS-Container-1.jpg PVARS-Container-2.jpg
Lift and lower the container using the handle Fill the container with cold tap water

Take the following steps to fill the container:

  1. Remove the top cover and rinsing basket from the container.
  2. Lift the container from the docking station. Use either the handle at the top, or use the grips on either side at the bottom of the container.

Caution: Dried-up PVA residue has highly adhesive properties. If any PVA residue came into contact with the docking station, this could result in the container remaining attached to the docking station when the container is lifted. Make sure the two parts are detached before walking away with the container.

  1. Fill the container with cold tap water. Do not fill the container beyond the water level indicator.

Caution: Only use cold water to fill the container. Too high water temperatures will damage or deform most printed parts or even the container. Do not fill the device with other liquids.

Note: The container has a temperature warning label on the bottom. Pay attention to this label when filling the container. The label will turn red if the water is too hot. Wait until the water has cooled before placing printed parts into the water.

  1. Return to the docking station and gently place the container on top. Ensure the two parts are properly aligned.

Always first make sure the docking station is clean and dry. Remove all saturated PVA with a moist towel and dry the docking station before placing the container on top.

Warning: Immediately unplug the PVA Removal Station if water has splashed over the docking station. Allow the docking station to air dry completely before next use.

Now that the container is filled, we can move on to the next step: placing the printed part(s) in the rinsing basket.

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