Adding people to your organization and leaving an organization

Our software solutions are geared towards organizations. They facilitate collaboration and teamwork. When you sign up to any of our software solutions, your account will be associated with an organization. To collaborate with your colleagues and co-workers, you need to invite them to this organization.

Inviting colleagues to your organization

As soon as your organization is up and running, you will be the sole admin of the organization. You can invite your co-workers by going to Manage -> Organization -> Add users. You will invite your co-workers by email address. To accept the invitation your colleague must click the invite link.

Note: You can only join an organization if you are not already part of one.

Leaving an organization

Currently, members of an organization cannot simply leave the organization. An organizational admin must remove a user. 

Leaving an organization as an admin

Currently, it is not possible to disband or delete your organization. If you are an admin of an organization, and wish you leave your current organization you must first invite a 'burner account' the organization. You can then give admin privileges to the burner account and to remove your original account from the organization.

Caution: When accepting the invitation link to the organization from the burner account, be sure not to be logged in on a different tab to the Digital Factory. This can easily be done by using an 'incognito' tab to accept the invitation.

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