My Ultimaker 2+ Connect display is unresponsive


The Ultimaker 2+ Connect has a small but efficient 2.4" color touchscreen to control the printer. Normally, moving through the different menus is simple and intuitive. But what to do if the display is unresponsive to touch?

There can be several causes for this behavior, and it depends on when and how this issue occurs. Click the scenario below that applies to your situation to learn how to resolve the problem.

Stuck on Welcome screen

If you have just unboxed and installed your new Ultimaker 2+ Connect, the printer will show a welcome screen when you power it on for the first time. 

Note: This welcome screen is also shown after performing a factory reset.

The screen shows a welcome message and a blue Next button. If the display does not respond when pressing Next, it is important to observe the start-up behavior of the printer. When the printer boots up and the LEDs come on, it will first home the print head and build plate. The print head will move to the back left corner, and the build plate will lower completely, hereby activating all three limit switches.

Please check if both the print head and the build plate can reach the home position. Check if all three limit switches can be activated and if there is nothing obstructing them.

Caution: If your print head is secured with a cable tie, make sure to cut this before powering on the printer.

Tip: The X limit switch is at the back left corner at the top, the Y limit switch is at the back right corner at the top, and the Z limit switch is located at the bottom of the printer in the middle, under the build plate.

If there was a problem with any of the switches, please follow the tips on the pages for ER204 and ER205. Turn off the printer, make sure the print head and build plate can move freely and the limit switches are not obstructed, then turn on the printer again. If the display is still unresponsive, continue with the other tips on this page or submit a ticket to contact support and receive further assistance.

The reason the printer freezes with an unresponsive display, rather than showing an error message, is because error messages are not always correctly handled by the printer at first startup.

Note: This is a known issue and has been raised to the developers. This will be improved in a future firmware update.

Frozen in print preparation

If the printer suddenly freezes while preparing to start a print job, or, for example, when heating the nozzle for maintenance purposes, the issue could be caused by a communication error in the electronics, rather than the display itself.

Try rebooting the printer and check if the issue is repeatable. If so, it is recommended to contact support by submitting a ticket to receive further assistance.

Tip: Clearly explain during which actions the printer freezes, and share your printer's log files in the ticket. Save your logs by going to MaintenanceDiagnostics and make sure to have a USB drive inserted in the front of your printer.

Stuck on Ultimaker 2+ Connect logo

When the printer is booting up, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect logo will be shown on the screen. If, however, the printer fails to boot up past this step, there could be a firmware problem. In this case, first, try rebooting the printer. If the issue persists, it is recommended to perform a firmware recovery. This will completely reset the printer.

The steps on how to perform such a recovery are explained on this page.

Note: First, be patient; it can take the Ultimaker 2+ Connect 1-2 minutes to boot up completely. Only proceed with the recovery steps if no change is perceived after several minutes.

Always unresponsive / blank

If your display is never responsive to touch, or perhaps even remains completely blank, the display could be defective, or not connected properly. In this case, you can contact support, or check the connections yourself.

Note: Always take ESD precautions when exposing the electronics at the bottom of the printer. Handling the electronics in an unsafe way can cause damage to the machine. Submit a support ticket or contact your local reseller if you cannot work ESD safely.

  1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable
  2. Carefully place the printer on its side
  3. Remove the two small bolts that secure the bottom cover and place the cover aside
  4. Inspect the connections shown in the image below


The touchscreen display is connected to the board at the front of the printer with two small flatwires. The smaller one is for touch, the larger one is for the display. Check if both of them are fully inserted into the connectors and that the latches of the connectors are firmly closed. If this is not the case, carefully open the connector, slide in the cable, and push it closed again.

Need further support?

If the issue persists after trying the steps listed above, please reach out to support by submitting a ticket so we can assist in further troubleshooting.

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