Air Manager installation problems

Installing the Air Manager consists of a few easy steps. After completing the installation, power on the Ultimaker S5 and the Air Manager should be automatically detected. However, in some cases, there can be a problem with the detection.

This page describes what could go wrong and how to resolve the problems. Select the situation that applies to you for more information.

Air Manager is not recognized

After the installation of the Air Manager and rebooting the system, the display should give a prompt to confirm the installation. If this does not appear, the installation was not successful.

First, make sure you are running the latest firmware. Firmware versions 5.4 and later support the Air Manager.

Note: Air Managers with a serial number starting with BPP-040101 and higher will require Firmware versions 6.5.3 (Stable) / 7.0.2 (Latest) or later to be installed prior to connecting the Air Manager.

If your firmware is up to date, the Air Manager might not be connected correctly. In the menu, navigate to Settings, scroll down to Peripherals - Air Manager. If this option does not show Installed, the Air Manager is not recognized by your printer. In this case, turn off the printer, check the Air Manager cable on both sides and reconnect if necessary.

Ensure the cable is connected to the correct ports:

  • Ultimaker S5 with Air Manager: UMB OUT port on the S5 (do not use the NFC port)
  • Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle: UMB OUT port on the Material Station

If the issue persists, check further tips on this page or contact support by submitting a ticket

Caution: Do not start a print with the Air Manager installed but not connected or not recognized. This can damage your printer. Either temporarily uninstall the Air Manager or open the cover.

Infinite spinner icon

If you're seeing an infinite spinner on the display, it is likely that the printer's firmware does not support the Air Manager version. As mentioned in the section above, Air Managers with a serial number starting with BPP-040101 and higher will require Firmware versions 6.5.3 (Stable) / 7.0.2 (Latest) or later to be installed prior to connecting the Air Manager.

These newer Air Managers have a different microcontroller, which is not recognized by older firmware versions. 

Stuck on Preparing to install

After booting up the printer with the new Air Manager connected, the printer will first cool down the bed and print cores. The display will show 'Preparing to install. Please wait for the printer to cool down.' until all components have reached safe temperatures before confirming the installation.

Note that the printer requires two print cores to be inserted into the print head. If one or both print cores are missing, the printer will not be able to register the temperatures. This will cause the display to freeze on the Preparing to install screen. After 10 minutes, the error 'Print core is taking too long to warm up' will appear. 

Ensure you have correctly placed a print core in each slot of the print head before installing the Air Manager.

I see an ER80 message

If the Air Manager was successfully installed and recognized, but later the error message 'ER80 - Expected Air Manager is missing' appears, there is likely a connection problem. 

The connection with the Air Manager via the UMB cable was interrupted. Check if the cable is securely inserted into the bottom of the filter housing at the back. For more troubleshooting advice, please see the ER80 support article.

Need further support?

Have the tips on this page not helped to resolve the installation problems, or are you experiencing a different situation? Please contact our support team by submitting a ticket for further assistance.

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