Installing the Ultimaker S5 Material Station

The Material Station is an add-on for the Ultimaker S5. With the Material Station, you can load and store up to 6 spools of filament at the front of the printer. Spools can be loaded and removed even while another spool is printing. The Material Station will automatically switch to another spool of the same material once filament runs out, increasing your productivity.

This page contains step-by-step instructions on how to install the Material Station and connect it to your Ultimaker S5.

Tip: Instructions for installation of the Material Station are in the quick start guide that was delivered with the product. If you no longer have this booklet, you can download it as a PDF from this page.


First, make sure your Ultimaker S5 is ready for the Material Station installation. If you have already been using the Ultimaker S5 and now add the Material Station, you will not need the spool holder anymore. Unload the material(s) and remove the spool holder. Power off the Ultimaker S5 and disconnect the power cable from the printer.

Unbox the Material Station by removing the plastic locking clips at the bottom of the box. Holding the handles, lift the upper section of the box. Place the foam pieces, documents, and accessories aside.

Tip: We recommend removing the packaging with the box placed on the floor for safety. Please retain all packaging for warranty purposes.

Place the Material Station on a flat surface. Make sure the location is suitable. The Ultimaker S5 and Material Station must be positioned out of direct sunlight when in use. Ensure there will be at least 10 cm of space behind the Material Station for airflow.

Caution: When placing the Material Station on a shelf or table, take proper measures to prevent the printer from falling. Ensure the surface can take the combined weight of the Material Station and Ultimaker S5, including materials (up to 50 kg / 100 lbs).



Caution: The Ultimaker S5 must be lifted by at least two people during installation. Ensure the Ultimaker S5 and the Material Station are correctly aligned.

  1. Carefully place the Ultimaker S5 on top of the Material Station
MS-Installation-Step2.jpg MS-Installation-Step3.jpg
  1. Insert a tube coupling collet in the bottom of each feeder of the Ultimaker S5
  1. Insert the left Bowden tube into the left feeder, and the right Bowden tube into the right feeder
MS-Installation-Step4.jpg MS-Installation-Step5.jpg
  1. Secure the Bowden tubes with clamp clips
  1. Place the spool holder cap into the hole for the spool holder of the Ultimaker S5


MS-Connections-Step1.jpg MS-Connections-Step2.jpg
  1. Connect the Material Station cable to the UMB IN port at the back of the Material Station

  1. Plug the other end of the cable into the UMB OUT port at the back of the Ultimaker S5
MS-Connections-Step3.jpg MS-Connections-Step4.jpg
  1. Connect the Material Station to the Ultimaker S5 with the power extension cable
  1. Connect the power cable to the Material Station and the other end to a power outlet

Caution: A mains socket with protective earth/ground terminal must be used. Make sure that the building installation has dedicated means of over-current and short-circuit protection.

Tip: If you also have an Air Manager, and you are installing the complete Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, the Air Manager cable must be connected to the UMB OUT port of the Material Station.

The Material Station is now installed. The Material Station will automatically turn on as soon as power is supplied. The LEDs will turn on and you may hear a loud noise; this is normal. Turn on the Ultimaker S5 with the power switch at the back to boot up the complete system.

You can now proceed to load material spools. At least one spool must be loaded before you can start printing. Learn more about compatible spool dimensions here.

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