How to add material profiles via USB drive?

On the S-line printers and the UM2+Connect, custom and Marketplace material profiles can be synchronized offline via the printer menu using a sliced UFP file on a USB drive. The printer can update its material list with any missing material profiles found in the print job files (UFP files) of an inserted USB stick. If a material file within the UFP contains the relevant printer type under <machine>, the material can be installed to the printer. This is especially important for Marketplace materials that have optimized settings for e.g. material loading and depriming.

Tip:  This feature is enabled for the UM2+Connect from firmware 1.3 and up and for the S-line from firmware 6.5 and up.

For the Ultimaker 2+Connect, navigate to Set material, Add a new material and Import material from USB.  

For the S-line printers, navigate to Maintenance and then import material profiles.

Note: For custom materials, you need to duplicate a non-Ultimaker or non-generic material as a base profile, to successfully synchronize this with the printer

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