ER72 - Material Station communication failed

If you have encountered this error, the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle has run into a communication error during the change of filament procedure. This has likely occurred either during an end of filament procedure or at the end of a print job.

If you are encountering the ER72, it is likely that you will have to perform some manual action to restore the Pro Bundle. Please do the following:

Ensure filament is not stuck in the print core

If the error appears while the filament is still loaded into the print core, please try to manually remove it. To do this:

  • Open the Air Manager if present
  • Remove the clamp clip of the Bowden tube at the print head
  • While pressing down the collet, pull the Bowden tube up to remove it from the print head
  • Manually pull the filament out of the print head (it is recommended to use pliers to grip the filament)
  • Cut off the end of the filament and ensure a nice, sharp tip
  • Retract the filament to the Material Station (as described below)

Note: If it is not possible to remove the Bowden tube from the print head, you may need to heat up the print core first. Power cycle the machine and heat up the print core via the menu.

Retract the filament to the Material Station

If the filament is not stuck inside the print core, you can retract the filament. To do this:

  • Lift up the feeder lever of the corresponding feeder
  • Reboot the machine. During the startup procedure, the filament will rewind into the Material Station.

Prepare for the next print job

With the filament fully retracted, you can now prepare the Pro Bundle for the next print job:

  • Lower the feeder lever
  • Place the Bowden tube back into the print head
  • Secure the Bowden Tube with the clamp clip
  • If you have an Air Manager, close the cover
  • Visually inspect the Pro Bundle and ensure there are no obstructions
  • You are now ready to print!

If you are having troubles with this error, or the instructions above, please raise a support ticket.

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