Introduction to Ultimaker software subscriptions

Ultimaker software plans give you access to a wealth of benefits to improve your 3D printing workflow. In this article we explain you the differences between our software subscriptions and how to setup one for your organization.


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  1. About Ultimaker's software plans
  2. How to activate your subscription 
  3. Getting started with your subscription
  4. Managing your subscription


About Ultimaker's software plans

Whether you're a start-up or a global enterprise, Ultimaker software plans have you covered – with a solution to suit every organization's needs. Our platform supports the end-to-end workflow, from storing parts in a globally accessible library to printing them when and where they're needed. It's all needed to scale out 3D printing to its maximum potential – and make digital transformation happen.
Overview of Ultimaker's software plans

Where can i see if I have a subscription?
First of all let's check if you have an active subscription connected to your account. You can easily do this by signing in the Ultimaker Digital Factory and click on the user icon on the top right corner. If you have an active subscription you will see the name of the organization you are part of. If you don't have an organization let's continue with the next step. 




How to activate your subscription?


Step 1. Upgrade plan from Digital Factory
If you are already using the Ultimaker Digital Factory the simplest way to activate your subscription is to click on the 'upgrade plan' button in the header. From there you will navigate to where you can register for Essentials. 



Or register on
Another option is to go to visit our website, navigate to the Ultimaker software plans page and click on 'register today' to register for Essentials.



Step 2. Fill in details
Fill in your contact details and printer registration number, which can be found on the back of the printer, and press 'Get Essentials' to receive an activation email.



Step 3. Get activation link
After you have clicked on Get Essentials you will receive an email with an activation link to activate your subscription.

Did not receive any activation email? Please check your spam folder or reach out to Ultimaker support


Step 4. Activate your plan

In order to activate a subscription for your organization we ask you to agree to Ultimaker's terms and conditions and fill in an organization display name, which you can always change later.

After you have activated your subscription you will be prompted to log out and wait for the confirmation email before logging back in to the Ultimaker Digital Factory. Please grab a coffee and come back in a few minutes. 


Getting started with your subscription

How to get started 
With the Ultimaker Platform you get access to a range of collaboration tools designed to facilitate the scaling up of 3D printing for you and your organization. Start by performing the Ultimaker Platform checklist or learn how to use our platform with the these two starting guides:

Need help onboarding your organization?
Learn to get the most out of Ultimaker's software platform by joining your choice of weekly group demos. Perfect for team onboarding or to get your 3D printing software questions answered.
Discover our weekly group demos


Managing your subscription

Overview of your subscription
Once your subscription is activated you can start onboarding your organization. In the subscription portal you will see which subscription you are using and which features are available to your organization. 


Not seeing this page? Have you activated your subscription and still don't have access to the subscription portal? Try to sign out and wait for 10 minutes before signing back in. Our servers will auto-update the changes that were made to your subscription plan. In case this does not work please reach out to Ultimaker support


Changing your subscription
Customers with an Essentials subscription and higher can upgrade, or revert their subscription by clicking on the 'Upgrade' tab in the subscription portal. Learn more about subscription types.



Upgrade to Professional
Customers with an Essential subscription can easily upgrade to professional from the subscription portal. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email from Ultimaker and you can start to make use of the full benefits of the Ultimaker platform.


Learn more about Ultimaker subscriptions


Change or cancel your subscription
To change or cancel your subscription please contact our support team.


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