Grouping printers no longer supported

Last year, Ultimaker introduced the Ultimaker Digital Factory for users to control their full 3D printing workflow in the cloud. In our continuous efforts to optimize our products, Ultimaker will no longer support grouped printers in the Digital Factory. This will further enhance the stability and user experience of our software.

Creating a printer group was done by connecting printers together by using their IP-address. In a group of printers, one printer is the ‘host’ and responsible for relaying prints to the other ‘guest’ printers.

Following the steps in this article takes about 5 minutes plus an additional 3 minutes per guest printer, since you need to reconnect those to the cloud.

Finding printer groups connected to Ultimaker Digital Factory

You can tell whether you have any grouped printers connected to Ultimaker Digital Factory and what the host printers are by following the steps below. This task should be performed by someone who has administrator rights in Ultimaker Digital Factory, since he or she has a complete overview of all printers.

  1. Go to Digital Factory by visiting Your internet browser will open the printers page of Ultimaker Digital Factory. Possibly you need to log in.
  2. The printers page lists both the ungrouped printers and the grouped printers. The printer groups are recognizable by the black illustration of multiple printers above the name of the group.


  3. Write down the name of any printer groups you see on this page. You’ll need them to ungroup printers in the next step.

Ungrouping printers 

This part of the guide helps you in disconnecting the guest printers from the host printers. In the process the guest printers lose connection with Ultimaker Digital Factory, and you’ll have to reconnect them after.

Make sure you have followed the steps in 'How do I know whether I one or more of my printers are grouped' above and have written down the name of the printer group (or a list of names).

  1. Look up the IP-address of one of your printers on its display
    • On an Ultimaker 3: Select System > Network and the IP-address appears at the bottom of the screen.
    • On an Ultimaker S5 / S3: Select Settings (bottom left icon) > Network and the IP-address is near the bottom of the screen.
  2. Enter [the IP-address]/printers in the address bar of a browser on a computer on the same local network as the printer.
  3. In the webpage you’ll see one of the situations below:

    A. Multiple printers on one page. Proceed at step 5.

    B. Single printer with a go to group button. Proceed at step 4. 

    C. Single printer. Proceed at step 9.

  4. Select the ‘Go to group’ button, and do not select 'Detach from group'. It is more efficient to detach all guest printers at once from the 'printers' page of the host.
  5. There are multiple printers on this page. The leftmost one is the group host and has the name of the group (or one of the groups) you noted in the finding printers step.
    For each guest printer (the ones to the right of the one labelled GROUP HOST)
    A. Select the three dots in the upper right corner and select the ‘Remove from group’ option.
    B. Select ‘Yes’ in the ‘Remove from group’ confirmation dialog.
    C. If you have many printers then it is beneficial to write down the names of the guest printers you disconnect.

  6. If you have noted more printer groups that were not ungrouped yet, proceed at step 7. Otherwise all your printers are now ungrouped and you can move to step 8.
  7. Scroll down to the 'Other available 3D printers' and select another printer group from the list you made from there. Go back to step 3.
  8. Now you need to reconnect all the guest printers individually to the cloud (they were connected through the host previously). Please follow this guide for instructions:” connect your individual printers to Digital Factory.”
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