Migrating your print job history from 5.X to 6.1 firmware

Upgrading the printer firmware from 5.x to 6.1 and newer includes a complete upgrade of the printer operating system. As a consequence of this update, the printer may lose its print job history. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to first back up the print job history and how to restore this after the update.


  • Enable developer mode on your printer
  • Download the two shell scripts
  • Place the two scripts on a USB drive
  • Insert the USB into the printer

Setting up the backup

With the printer still on the 5.x firmware, do the following:

  • SSH into printer
  • Run the following command, it will back up the print job history onto the USB storage:
$ bash -x /media/usb/backup_print_history.sh

Update the firmware

After running the above command, you can now update the firmware to 6.1 via the usual way.

Restoring the data

Once the printer is updated to the firmware 6.1:

  • SSH into the printer
  • Run the following commands:
$ bash -x /media/usb/restore_print_history.sh
$ reboot

After rebooting, the print job history will be back again. Make sure to disable developer mode after this procedure.

For assistance in performing the above procedure please reach out to support.

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