End of Life policy

On this page, you can find the official Ultimaker end of life policy. This policy describes, in general, the phases which occur after an Ultimaker product has been discontinued. It outlines the responsibilities of Ultimaker in these phases and describes what customers may reasonably expect from Ultimaker regarding service after their Ultimaker product has been officially discontinued.

This End of Life policy applies to all Ultimaker products for which a Discontinuance notice is published after December 1, 2020, unless specifically noted otherwise. Product-specific Discontinuance notices including effective dates can be found in the support section Product lifecycle notices.

Short description

Ultimaker products go through several phases in their lifecycle. The table below shortly describes what can be expected for Ultimaker printers and products in each phase.

Status When What to expect
Active product Between release date until publication of product discontinuance notice
  • Printers and products can be bought from official Ultimaker resellers
  • Regular firmware updates with new features and bug fixes
  • Technical support and assistance
  • Availability of service parts and consumables

End of offering

(discontinued product)

After publication of product discontinuance notice until the end of service date
  • Printers and products are no longer manufactured and may not be available anymore via Ultimaker resellers (while supplies last)
  • Firmware updates with major bug fixes may be released, no new features
  • Technical support and assistance
  • Availability of service parts and consumables; alternatives may be offered
End of service After the end of service date has passed
  • Firmware and software updates are not guaranteed
  • Technical support and assistance are not guaranteed
  • Products, updates, and service parts may no longer be available (alternatives may be offered)


For detailed information regarding the end of offering and end of service phases please refer to the official Ultimaker End of Life policy. This can be downloaded as a PDF below.

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