Level the build plate on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect

To get the correct distance between the build plate and the nozzle, you need to level the build plate. The Ultimaker 2+ Connect utilizes a three-point bed level procedure. This must be done before using the Ultimaker 2+ Connect for the first time and then periodically.

Follow this procedure if you are experiencing adhesion issues. If the nozzle is too far from the build plate, the material will not stick properly to the glass. If the nozzle is too close, the material will not be able to extrude properly, which can lead to feeding and/or adhesion problems.

Maintenance Select the Maintenance menu on the touchscreen display and navigate to Level build plate. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Tip: If you have an Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager, remove the front enclosure until this procedure is finished.


Tip: Before you start, make sure that the glass build plate and the tip of the nozzle are clean. Any material residue stuck on these components may lead to leveling inaccuracies.

  1. Wait for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect to move the print head and build plate to the start position
  2. Place the calibration card between the nozzle and build plate. Adjust the thumb wheel under the build plate at the back until you feel some resistance when moving the card. Select Done adjusting to continue

    Caution: The print head will move to the next position. Keep hands clear of the build volume until the print head and build plate have stopped moving. Do not apply force to the build plate while placing the calibration card, as this will lead to leveling inaccuracies.

  3. Place the calibration card under the nozzle again and adjust the front-right thumb wheel until you feel some resistance on the card. Select Done adjusting to continue
  4. Repeat this for the front-left thumb wheel
  5. As a final step, the printhead will return to the first point. Fine-tune the leveling, and check if you still feel the same resistance on the calibration card at the back of the build plate, or adjust the thumb wheel until you do

The build plate is now leveled correctly for an optimal adhesion of the first layer.



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