Ultimaker 2+ Connect touchscreen menu

You can control the Ultimaker 2+ Connect by using the touchscreen at the front of the printer. When you turn on the printer, the display will show the main menu. From here, you can start a print via USB. Additionally, the main menu offers three options, represented by the following icons:


Materials. This menu shows which material is currently loaded. It also offers the options to change, load, or unload material, or select a different material type.



Settings. In this menu, you can update the firmware, connect to the Digital Factory, and change settings for the frame lighting.



Maintenance. In the maintenance menu, you can manually set the nozzle temperature and move the build plate, for example for troubleshooting purposes. Additionally, this menu offers the build plate leveling process and a diagnostics option.


Scroll through the sub-menus by using the up and down arrows on the right side. The number of pages is shown in the middle. Select the left arrow icon in the top-left corner to exit the menu and return to the main menu.

Once you have started a process, such as Unload material, instructions will be provided on the display. If necessary, select the X icon in the top-right corner to abort the process.

Ultimaker2Connect-menu-materials.png   Ultimaker2Connect-menu-unloadmaterial.png

During printing, the main screen will show information about the print and its progress.

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