Clean the feeder of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect

The feeder forwards filament to the print head. To make sure that exactly the right amount of material is extruded, it is important that the feeder gears can turn smoothly and the knurled wheel is in good condition. After many hours of printing, or when material has been ground down, there is a chance that there are small filament particles in the feeder.

It is recommended to clean the inside of the feeder and lubricate the feeder gear at least once a year. Cleaning the feeder is also recommended after you have experienced issues with grinding of the material. In order to do this, the feeder must be removed from the printer.

Caution: Before you start, turn off the printer or ensure the Ultimaker 2+ Connect cannot accept new print jobs through the Digital Factory.


Cleaning the feeder consists of a few different steps. Some disassembly is required and the process takes about 5 - 10 minutes. For this maintenance procedure, you will need the 2 mm hex screwdriver, a small brush, and some grease.

Remove feeder Clean and reassemble Lubricate gear Reinstallation
1. Unload material First, remove the material from the printer. Via the Materials menu, select Unload material and remove the spool. For detailed instructions, visit this page.
2. Remove Bowden tube

Remove the clamp clip from the feeder-end of the Bowden tube, press down on the tube coupling collet and pull the Bowden tube upwards out of the feeder.

3. Remove the feeder

Use the hex screwdriver to loosen the two bolts that hold the feeder to the back panel and remove the feeder from the printer.

4. Reduce feeder tension

Before opening the feeder, reduce the feeder tension to prevent the spring from jumping out when the feeder halves are separated. Use the hex screwdriver to turn the bolt in the top of the feeder housing until the tension indicator is all the way at the top.

5. Open the feeder

Use the hex screwdriver to loosen the four bolts of the feeder housing. Carefully take the two halves of the feeder apart and place the tube coupling collet aside.

Tip: Be careful not to lose the ring that is located at the bottom of the feeder. If it falls out, place it back in the feeder housing with the widest side at the bottom.

Remove-Insert-Bowden-tube.jpg Remove-feeder.jpg Open-feeder.jpg
Remove the Bowden tube Loosen the feeder from the printer Open the feeder housing


The feeder is now nicely cleaned and relubricated for smooth operation. You can now reload material and continue printing.

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