Firmware 6.0 for the Ultimaker S-line

Firmware 6.0 brings with it an update to the operating system of the Ultimaker S-line printers. With firmware 6.0 the printers will be running Debian Buster. This upgrade brings with itself security updates and patches to some known vulnerabilities which exist when running an older operating system on a local network.

Tip: This firmware is only intended for users that want to enhance their printer security. If you or your organization does not have such requirements, we advise staying on firmware 5.8.2 for now.

Furthermore, a firewall feature is implemented which blocks incoming local network traffic. Turn the firewall on and utilize only Digital Factory workflow with your printer to ensure only authorized use of the printer. The firewall feature can also be turned on via the Digital Factory by organizational admins if subscribed to Ultimaker Essentials.

Warning: Because this firmware upgrades the operating system, it is not possible to downgrade to a lower version of firmware once you have updated to 6.0. Upgrading to printers operating system will also lead to a loss of local printer information in the Digital Factory. This will lead to a loss of print history data.

Important: With the firewall enabled, material synchronization will not be possible. For now, please synchronize the materials with the firewall turned off, and enable only after the synchronization is done. A fully integrated solution is being worked on.

Update your Ultimaker S-line printer via USB

Firmware 6.0 can be installed on both the Ultimaker S5 and the Ultimaker S3. This firmware version is only available via a USB update flow.

In March 2020, Ultimaker introduced a new version of the Ultimaker S5. The two versions have different electronics boards that require different firmware files. Read about the differences between the two versions on this page.

To update the firmware of the Ultimaker S-line printer via USB, download the correct file depending on which printer you have:

Tip: To upgrade an Ultimaker S3, download the same firmware as used for the Ultimaker S5 (early 2020).

Ultimaker S5 (2018 - early 2020)

Download firmware 6.0.0

Released November 2020

Ultimaker S5 (early 2020) and Ultimaker S3

Download firmware 6.0.0

Released November 2020



The simplest way to distinguish the two models is by the branded side panels. The image on the left shows the Ultimaker S5 (2018 - early 2020) with the Ultibot on the side panels. The image on the right shows the new version of the Ultimaker S5 with the 'U' icon on the side panels.

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