Installing the Ultimaker 2+ Connect hardware components

After unboxing, there are a few components that must be installed before the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is ready to print.

  1. Insert the spool holder into the back panel and push until it snaps into place
  2. Open the front build plate clamps to insert the glass plate
  3. Slide the glass plate into the rear build plate clamps, then close the front clamps

Tip: The warning icon (hot surface) on the glass plate should face upwards. This side of the glass provides the best adhesion.

  1. Connect the power cable to the printer with the flat side facing down and the other end to a power outlet

Note: If you also have an Air Manager, install this first before connecting the power cable

The end of the power cable has a flat side. On the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, the cable must be inserted with the flat side facing down. If you are already familiar with the similar-looking Ultimaker 2 or Ultimaker 2+, this is an important difference:

  • On the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, the flat side faces down
  • On the Ultimaker 2(+), the flat side faces up
SDB2019-12-18_0001-5.jpg SDB2019-12-18_0001-15.jpg
1. Insert the spool holder 2. Open the build plate clamps
SDB2019-12-18_0001-16.jpg SDB2019-12-18_0001-8.jpg
3. Slide in the glass plate 4. Connect the power cable


A mains socket with protective earth/ground terminal must be used. Make sure that the building installation has dedicated means of over-current and short-circuit protection. Please use a circuit breaker with a current rating not exceeding 16A.

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