Sharing printers in the Digital Factory

Any cloud printers that are associated with your personal Ultimaker account, or are available within your organization, can be shared with either teams or the whole organization.

Sharing with the whole organization or with teams

Sharing a printer with the whole organization means that every person who is in or joins the organization can see and use that printer via Digital Factory and Cura (provided they are logged in). If your organization needs more fine grained control over who can use what printer then sharing via teams is recommended. These options can be set per printer, so it is also possible to share most printers with everyone and a couple of printers only with people in a certain team. 

How to share a printer

To share a printer simply navigate to the printers tab of digitalfactory. This tab will display all printers which are available to you. Simply click the 3 dots next to a printer panel and select with which of your teams you would like to share the printer or use the toggle to share it with the whole organization on top:




Tip: There is no limit to how many teams you can create, and each team can have one or more persons. Read here to learn how to create teams. 

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