Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle loading / unloading troubleshooting guide

This troubleshooting guide is designed to help you identify and fix various root causes that lead to recurring errors that may be happening in your Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. If you are seeing recurring errors, there may be something a miss with some component of the extrusion train. To diagnose the error, we will look at the entire system:

  • Loading a material into each of the bays
  • Pushing filament through beyond the decoupler
  • Calibrating the decouplers
  • Inspect the Ultimaker S5 feeder and print cores

Loading a material into the Material Station bays

The Material Station has 6 bays, comprising of 6 prefeeders. All the bays have 2 entry points, whereby the filament can be loaded towards extruder one or two. Each prefeeder of the Material station has a feeder wheel, powered by a motor, and filament detection sensors before and after the feeder wheel.

When loading material into the Material Station, there are two sensors that can detect filament. Filament sensor 1 is found before the feeder wheel, and filament sensor 2 is found after the feeder. As you first load material into the Material Station, the first sensor will be activated, thereby triggering the feeder wheel to spinning in the forward moving direction. As you further insert the filament, you will feel the feeder wheel grasp the filament. Upon grasping, the filament is pushed further still until the second sensor is triggered. At this point, the material is retracted ever so slightly, and is now in the parked position.

The first thing to test, is whether all 6 prefeeders are working correctly. Please insert filament into both entry ports of each prefeeder, and observe the behavior.

Desired outcome: The prefeeder is correctly activated, grasps the filament, and places it in the parked position

Faulty outcome: If the prefeeder is not correctly activated upon inserting of a filament, there may be , filament stuck in the system or you may have a faulty prefeeder. On this page you can read more details when filament is stuck in the system.

Pushing filament beyond the decoupler

Next we will look into whether the filament is correctly guided from the prefeeder to the decoupler, and hence towards the Ultimaker S5. With the Pro Bundle powered down, and the Material Station detached from the power cord, please manually feed filament through each entry port. After feeding a few inches of filament, the filament should be visible beyond the Bowden Tube of the decoupler.

Desired outcome: Filament from all entry ports can be seen beyond the decoupler.

Faulty outcome: Filament from 1, or more, entry ports never exits the material station. It may be that there is a loose connection between the prefeeders and the mergers, or the mergers are not seated properly.

Remove the bottom cover of your Material Station to inspect the device.

Calibrating the decouplers

The decouplers work via a two magnetic sensors detected the presence of a sliding magnet. The sensor readings are used to tell whether there is stress in the system.

You can read more about calibrating the decouplers here ER66 - Decouplers not calibrated.

Inspecting the Ultimaker S5 feeder and print cores

Filament that is forwarded from the Material Station needs to be grasped by the Ultimaker S5. It is important that there are no obstructions within the Ultimaker S5 feeder, and that the feeder tension is set correctly. Additionally, please make sure that the print cores are completely clean or perform a hot or cold pull.



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