Printer group recommendations

Grouping printers will no longer be supported in Ultimaker Digital Factory. Please read the details in the article Grouping printers no longer supported.

Networked Ultimaker 3D printers can be grouped together to form a single, manageable printer queue. However, we have a few recommendations in place to ensure a stable and reliable 3D printing experience.

Limit the number of printers in a group

It's recommended to have a maximum of 5 printers in a single printer group. Adding more printers to a group is possible, but the stability of the printer group heavily depends on:

  • The number of print jobs in the queue
  • The size of print job files in the queue

Ensure a stable network connection

In order to ensure print jobs arrive successfully at the printer group, the connection between the host and the other printers is important. When a new print job is pushed from the central queue to any of the printers in the group, loss of communication can lead to printing issues.

Organize your workflow

Organize your 3D printers in groups that reflect your workflow. Don't group 3D printers when it's not necessary; only group printers when you benefit from the central queuing mechanism.

Note: Printing large and detailed 3D models result in big file sizes. These files need to be transferred from Ultimaker Cura to the 3D printer host. If the host needs to distribute this file to a printer in the group, it might take a while before it ends up in the printer queue.

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