My printer is not connecting to the Ultimaker Digital Factory

If your printer is not showing up to the Ultimaker Digital Factory printer dashboard after following the onscreen instructions, it may be that it is a guest printer in a group hosted by another.

To troubleshoot this step, please try the following: 

1) If you printer has been a guest in a local group before, make sure to disconnect it from the host printer. You can do this via http://ip_of_your_printer/print_jobs. Then try the pin connection flow again.

2) If the printer is still unavailable, you can try a Digital Factory reset. Please note this will clear all network analytics and data on the printer.

Tip: Before you do a Digital Factory reset, you can save the log files to a USB and send them to us via the support form above. This will help up with identifying the root cause of this issue.

3) If the printer is still unavailable, please perform a factory reset via the printer's display. This will wipe and and all states within the printer and wipe any inconsistent state that might cause the issue. The printer will reboot from a clean start.

Your printer should be able to now connect to the Ultimaker Digital Factory.

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