What is the managed Ultimaker Marketplace?

With the managed Ultimaker Marketplace, users are empowered to 3D print the way they want. Only verified plugins and third-party material profiles are allowed. This maintains a higher level of security and stability of your IT infrastructure. 

  • Access verified plug ins: With the managed Ultimaker Marketplace, users can download plugins to improve their 3D printing workflow. But only verified plugins are available – to increase infrastructure stability and security 
  • Controlled workflow: Verified plugin installation can only happen through the Marketplace. Installing unofficial and unverified plugins indirectly is restricted for increased protection 

Will the plug-in installation have to go through the IT Admin, or can users install individually?  

All users of Ultimaker Essentials can freely install plug-ins or material profiles from the Ultimaker Marketplace. With Ultimaker Essentials, the marketplace only contains verified, and more secure plug-ins 

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